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What if your business success depends on your well-being?

Réseau Mentorat Laval is part of the Quebec-wide entrepreneurial mentoring network that is Réseau Mentorat. We help entrepreneurs find the mentor who will make them grow. We believe that the success of companies depends above all on the well-being of the people who run them. We rely on the largest mentoring network in Quebec to provide access to experienced mentors, whatever the stage of development of the business.

Through Réseau Mentorat Laval you can choose between individuel, group or residency mentoring.

Individual Mentoring

Individual mentoring involves a long-term, one-on-one relationship between a mentor and mentee. This relationship is rooted in trust and confidentiality. There are no limits to the number of times a mentor and mentee can meet while the program is underway.


  • Unlimited number of 1- to 2-hour meetings with a mentor 
  • Follow-up to ensure the quality of the mentor-mentee rapport


  • $40/month, which includes Réseau Mentorat provincial membership and the multiple benefits it entails.

Group Mentoring

Group mentoring complements individual mentoring. This approach consists of approximately 10 monthly mentor-led meetings with 8 to 10 entrepreneurs who share similar experiences, challenges and questions.


  • 9 3-hour group meetings a month, led by a mentor


  • $200/year

Autres services


Le Réseau Mentorat Laval offre également :

  • Du mentorat individuel ou de groupe pour les entrepreneurs coopératifs et associatifs : Mentorat en économie sociale.
  • Du mentorat en résidence

Member Privileges

As a member of Réseau Mentorat

You can take advantage of a full range of mentoring services as well as solutions designed to help you fine-tune your entrepreneurial skills.

You are part of a network of thousands of entrepreneurs throughout Quebec, the rest of Canada and France.

You have access additional networking opportunities both with Réseau Mentorat and in the broader business community.

You have access to a selection of exclusive deals in line with your specific needs as an entrepreneur.

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