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Entrepreneur mentoring is for you if…

Your business is up and running and you are earning a living from it

No matter the sector, the type of company or how much income you generate in the course of a year. Mentoring is for business owners at every stage: startup, development, growth, takeover or transfer of ownership.


You have moved beyond the pre-startup phase 

In other words, you have a business plan ready and you’ve already made your first sales or will in the next few months.


You are a collective entrepreneur

In addition to facing the challenges common to all growing for-profit or non-profit businesses, you must also contend with the added complexity of sharing power with multiple stakeholders of your organization. The Réseau Mentorat Laval provides mentoring services for entrepreneurs specifically tailored to business leaders in the collective entrepreneurship sector.


How to become a mentee

It’s easy! 

Fill out the mentee application form and pay the requisite fees online. Our coordinator will be in touch with you to get to know you a little better so we can find the right mentor for you!

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Member Privileges

As a member of Réseau Mentorat

You can take advantage of a full range of mentoring services as well as solutions designed to help you fine-tune your entrepreneurial skills.

You are part of a network of thousands of entrepreneurs throughout Quebec, the rest of Canada and France.

You have access additional networking opportunities both with Réseau Mentorat and in the broader business community.

You have access to a selection of exclusive deals in line with your specific needs as an entrepreneur.

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