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Laval's thriving entrepreneurial community

Robert Lefebvre

Are you looking for...

A challenge? Inspiration? Motivation? A sounding board? A morale booster?

You’ll get all this more from a Réseau Mentorat Laval mentor, who is committed to helping you make the most of every aspect of your experience as an entrepreneur. 

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Réseau Mentorat Laval

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Réseau Mentorat Laval

A large community of Laval entrepreneurs


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Be a mentor

As a mentor, you can connect with Laval entrepreneurs and put your know-how to work to guide them along the path to success. In so doing, you will also be enriching your own entrepreneurial experience and drawing on their passion to fuel yours.

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Réseau Mentorat Laval

Mentoring for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur mentoring is a program through which experienced volunteer mentors provide support and guidance to mentees, based on a relationship of mutual trust and respect. It is neither therapy nor coaching. It allows you to step back from your challenges and inspire yourself alongside experienced entrepreneurs, one meeting at a time.

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